I’m trying something new here & I have to say I’m thankful for my graphic design background. You know those Facebook posts that say, “take a screenshot to find out what [fill in the blank] is”? Well, my quote for 2018 is, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” I don’t know what “it” is so maybe a better quote for me would have been “keep moving forward”.

I have been, and am, a potter by trade. Over the years I’ve combined design & pottery directly and indirectly. And although it might be years behind the curve I’ve recently been having fun taking some of my designs into the world of custom print apparel.

With that, here’s this: the We Stay Love Teespring storefront.

yoga sky

Have you ever cried like a baby during yoga? Yeah, me neither. But today my soul was moved in a way I’ve not felt before. It was in this very studio with the sun breaking through the clouds just long enough to peer beyond shut eyelids into my soul. 

The Buddhist monks were chanting in the background soundtrack & I felt their words for compassion that have guided me through the high, turbulent waves of life only to be lost during a playful, loving moment in the rough salty blue ocean. A time when I could let go. Om mani padme hum. My treasured prayer wheel that found me in a small Buddhist boutique tucked quietly amidst the hurried NYC. It was the silver I wore around my neck every day of my life that stood for inner compassion & peace towards mankind that I would spin if I accidentally (or purposely) smashed a spider. It rode with me through messes in life and carried me to the other side. It followed me into a place of love then slipped through our fingers & toes in the waves to find another person in need of guidance. To whomever has found it, I know you’re living with peace in your eyes, love in your heart & compassion in your soul. 

the activist

A few years ago my best friend gifted me a subscription to Yoga Journal. Who knows ya’ better than a bff! And in this mag was Seane Corn, who I’d never heard of before seeing her in YJ. What a beauty. Yes, I did notice her outward beauty but also her strength and how much she is accomplishing. Her story, from tipsy bartender to yoga expert with Off the Mat, is inspiring. I’m learning more and more how important our individual stories are. So I began to follow her on Instagram. She has this wonderful, peace serving foundation called Off the Mat Into the World and I’ve been touched by her first hand accounts from Standing Rock.

Am I an activist? No. But I do have a voice & just like donating to the cause – no amount, or voice, is too small or too large. I’m drawn to what is going on at Standing Rock, as we probably all are. Too often I find myself focusing on mundane postings of cute dogs. These are distractions to what I feel is the bigger picture. Of course I love cute dogs and I love to post pics of my sweet Lovey. That’s life too. But I also want to do a part and share for more awareness, at least. Be the change, be the love.

The link above is directed straight to the website’s Call to Action for #StandingRock. Me personally, I cannot make a large donation but I feel any amount is significant. What I can do is share. So share I am.

the crazy I see in me is the crazy I see in you

namaste… 🙂  This is the yoga studio I get to practice in and I am in love! It’s fall so our teacher is bringing her plants into the warmth of the studio. I’m a morning-yoga kind of person so the sun hits them just right for that golden glow.

The full moon is still approaching. This time we were talking about gathering creativity & beauty. Since I didn’t get a picture while I was upside down on the yoga wall that I talked about last time I took one today.

This is pretty much what it would have looked like minus the props. Friday morning is yin yoga, a practice more for focus and meditation. I think of this class as an internal massage. It stretches out my mind, body and my heart!

I flip ya’

My world was turned upside down today. I love the yoga wall! And since we are approaching a full moon, class discussion revolved around energy. If there’s an undefined “crazy” energy in the air can we release ours to the moon to take it as it wanes? And if there’s a celestial planting schedule where either a bountiful harvest or barren soil will occur maybe that holds true for us in our sense of being? I think it’s time to look up moon mythology and educate myself.

keep the surf

I swear we must be on the same wavelength. Yesterday Kelly sent this photo, along with a video of the surf rolling in, for We Stay Love and this morning my yoga teacher’s exact words were “keep the surf going”. She was referring to our breath staying in tune with the action of our physical bodies, how it was more forceful during challenges and a rolling calm during savasana. And I can’t hear the words “ujjayi breath” (ocean breath) without thinking of Bob Marley. (Well I guess it’s actually Ziggy, Beach in Hawaii, but I think of his Dad regardless.) So what do I love about this? The low roar of a cleansing breath. The detox of a yoga class. Learning to say “no” to things we don’t need in our life. Sometimes that’s not easy but it’s a practice we can develop. And while I’m at it, I need to stay open to new ways to get outside of my comfort zone. And I wonder, how do you do it?

…because I want to keep learning!

(photo by kelly kell)

shine so bright

As the sun sets it transforms the ordinary into extraordinary. 

When I go to yoga I try to absorb the spiritual knowledge while my body benefits from the physical. Today our teacher was talking about each cell in our bodies as facets to reflect the light into the universe. I think that was it. 

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