“Tag me and I’ll come back!” my son called out about 100 feet down a less traveled path. Ok! But we kept going. And how beautiful. You kind of lose yourself in these places. Lose track of time & responsibility. These are the days you want to last forever. 

lightness of heart 

It has been far too a time since our last correspondence. A malady of little peril has finally lifted our household. I speak of this only to offer a reckoning so you do not hold me in contempt or believe that I do not care. For I do. I find myself writing today in the mere hopes you will find forgiveness in your heart. For it was but yesterday we were taking a stroll to the north through the gardens and we came upon the most impressive of wild cherry. And I felt I certainly must write. It was neither impressive in height nor stature but in the amount of sweet honeybees that graced its delicate blossoms. What a joyous sight. We could have stared in wonder for half a day and I dare say it would have felt no time at all. Only to be disrupted by a single mallard flying past low against the water. So we carried on. I wish you well and that this finds you in good spirits, with lightness of heart and fierce determination like those adored honeybees.

ridiculous smile

Every once in a while I tell myself to put a huge, ridiculous, teeth-baring, ear2ear smile on my face. I look crazy, probably a little like the redhead from Trainwreck. But I feel goofy & silly which equals happy for me.


Meet Lovey, our mascot. Does she live up to her name? I give her a solid 9 out of 10. Coulda’ named her Chill-Dog or something because she holds true to that too. (Usually, sometimes, maybe?) I won’t tell you the time she got after the duckers. 

But I will tell you she’s very loving and her name totally fits. So yeah, we stay Lovey.

move forward

Monday’s clouds don’t look shiny-happy but it was a good day. Friends were playing & exploring. We were getting precious outside time before a week of rain & chill. 

In regards to moving forward with creative work I’m not always sure what steps are next. I’ve been talking it out a lot. Allowing myself to be vulnerable & realizing it’s okay to admit not having it all together. As long as we are moving forward it’s the right direction. I need to keep my mind open to new experiences – opportunities for growth & learning. 

Reading a post by Elizabeth Gilbert, she spoke of finding crumbs of joy. I constantly have an internal conflict between art and creating for profit. How do you bridge the gap? Maybe it’s by searching for those crumbs or crackers or even whole biscuits of joy?

If I can create something to make myself and others happy… to contribute monetarily to the well-being of my family… then that’s a good thing.

So to that I say – move forward with a happy spirit. 

stubborn happiness

I gave up on the one image a day for a time and realize I miss looking for that beauty. Maybe I didn’t know if I could always find it. Maybe I questioned the likability of my photos. The leaves steadily fall & the colors of autumn fade. 

I vaguely remember this quote, if your only prayer is that of gratitude, then that is enough. So what if I was only left with the sun to photograph? Then holy sky above, I’ll take it. Please, thank you & amen. 

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