love is all things

Last night my 6 year old asked me, “What created the universe?” Before I could answer he said, “I think love created the universe.” I thought wow, what a question on the way home from an energetic Science Night at school. And then again, he asked my opinion. Damn. I couldn’t even answer because my mind was whirling. From common answers, to loving his answer, to science, to hope, to innocence and LOVE. He continued on by giving me examples of love and kindness towards each other and animals.  I’ll take it. Yes, love created the universe. So we must love. And have compassion in our hearts just like these little ones. A child will lead the way.

lightness of heart 

It has been far too a time since our last correspondence. A malady of little peril has finally lifted our household. I speak of this only to offer a reckoning so you do not hold me in contempt or believe that I do not care. For I do. I find myself writing today in the mere hopes you will find forgiveness in your heart. For it was but yesterday we were taking a stroll to the north through the gardens and we came upon the most impressive of wild cherry. And I felt I certainly must write. It was neither impressive in height nor stature but in the amount of sweet honeybees that graced its delicate blossoms. What a joyous sight. We could have stared in wonder for half a day and I dare say it would have felt no time at all. Only to be disrupted by a single mallard flying past low against the water. So we carried on. I wish you well and that this finds you in good spirits, with lightness of heart and fierce determination like those adored honeybees.

yoga sky

Have you ever cried like a baby during yoga? Yeah, me neither. But today my soul was moved in a way I’ve not felt before. It was in this very studio with the sun breaking through the clouds just long enough to peer beyond shut eyelids into my soul. 

The Buddhist monks were chanting in the background soundtrack & I felt their words for compassion that have guided me through the high, turbulent waves of life only to be lost during a playful, loving moment in the rough salty blue ocean. A time when I could let go. Om mani padme hum. My treasured prayer wheel that found me in a small Buddhist boutique tucked quietly amidst the hurried NYC. It was the silver I wore around my neck every day of my life that stood for inner compassion & peace towards mankind that I would spin if I accidentally (or purposely) smashed a spider. It rode with me through messes in life and carried me to the other side. It followed me into a place of love then slipped through our fingers & toes in the waves to find another person in need of guidance. To whomever has found it, I know you’re living with peace in your eyes, love in your heart & compassion in your soul. 

I flip ya’

My world was turned upside down today. I love the yoga wall! And since we are approaching a full moon, class discussion revolved around energy. If there’s an undefined “crazy” energy in the air can we release ours to the moon to take it as it wanes? And if there’s a celestial planting schedule where either a bountiful harvest or barren soil will occur maybe that holds true for us in our sense of being? I think it’s time to look up moon mythology and educate myself.

day 5: already searching?

It would be easy enough to throw up pictures of family and friends but that’s too easy. So I changed locations to find a new environment. Somewhere close and accessible to me, the zoo. Walking along a path I looked up, planted there was this little beauty with the sun shining through the trees. It was beautiful and I love plants. And the excitement from my kiddos just by hearing the words “the zoo”. They get to play and see vampire bats! I look at it as an educational tool and a place for physical activity. They love it and I love it too. 

shine so bright

As the sun sets it transforms the ordinary into extraordinary. 

When I go to yoga I try to absorb the spiritual knowledge while my body benefits from the physical. Today our teacher was talking about each cell in our bodies as facets to reflect the light into the universe. I think that was it. 

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