the activist

A few years ago my best friend gifted me a subscription to Yoga Journal. Who knows ya’ better than a bff! And in this mag was Seane Corn, who I’d never heard of before seeing her in YJ. What a beauty. Yes, I did notice her outward beauty but also her strength and how much she is accomplishing. Her story, from tipsy bartender to yoga expert with Off the Mat, is inspiring. I’m learning more and more how important our individual stories are. So I began to follow her on Instagram. She has this wonderful, peace serving foundation called Off the Mat Into the World and I’ve been touched by her first hand accounts from Standing Rock.

Am I an activist? No. But I do have a voice & just like donating to the cause – no amount, or voice, is too small or too large. I’m drawn to what is going on at Standing Rock, as we probably all are. Too often I find myself focusing on mundane postings of cute dogs. These are distractions to what I feel is the bigger picture. Of course I love cute dogs and I love to post pics of my sweet Lovey. That’s life too. But I also want to do a part and share for more awareness, at least. Be the change, be the love.

The link above is directed straight to the website’s Call to Action for #StandingRock. Me personally, I cannot make a large donation but I feel any amount is significant. What I can do is share. So share I am.

at the car wash

Thankful to sit under this tree in line at the car wash. Let me tell you it’s better than digging a ditch… It’s always cool, And the boss don’t mind sometimes if you act the fool. And that song! Word!

What’s my top five “thankful-for” for the moment?

  1. Warmth, thinking of people who might not be so warm.
  2. Dinner with good friends.
  3. Conversations with a soulmate 4-life.
  4. Family, always family. They should really be at the top.
  5. The ability for thought, written word and sharing.

{Car Wash lyrics, Rose Royce, 1976}

oh snaps

Initially my plan was to snap & post at least one pic per day of something I loved or found beautiful. But jeez louise, that was too hard! I lost the challenge I set for myself within a month. Why? Well, I would be with my best friend or my family and it just seemed relationships with the people I love would get in the way of posting pictures to the digital version of myself. So crazy me, I let relationships & quality time win. My updated approach to We Stay Love is this… to just post when I can. I still want to use this little piece of web-estate to write and share, along with a few other things. Thankfully I can say I set out on a course but was able to redirect and change. Like we always hear and I believe it’s true, it’s better to start and fail than to not have started at all. Yes, I’m a quotes girl.

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