stubborn happiness

I gave up on the one image a day for a time and realize I miss looking for that beauty. Maybe I didn’t know if I could always find it. Maybe I questioned the likability of my photos. The leaves steadily fall & the colors of autumn fade. 

I vaguely remember this quote, if your only prayer is that of gratitude, then that is enough. So what if I was only left with the sun to photograph? Then holy sky above, I’ll take it. Please, thank you & amen. 

oh snaps

Initially my plan was to snap & post at least one pic per day of something I loved or found beautiful. But jeez louise, that was too hard! I lost the challenge I set for myself within a month. Why? Well, I would be with my best friend or my family and it just seemed relationships with the people I love would get in the way of posting pictures to the digital version of myself. So crazy me, I let relationships & quality time win. My updated approach to We Stay Love is this… to just post when I can. I still want to use this little piece of web-estate to write and share, along with a few other things. Thankfully I can say I set out on a course but was able to redirect and change. Like we always hear and I believe it’s true, it’s better to start and fail than to not have started at all. Yes, I’m a quotes girl.

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