This is a beautiful, dreamy little scene from Randolph County in the heart of North Carolina. Reflections are always so nice…

i love us.

I read a news article recently and my first thought response was “I don’t understand the hate, but I do understand the love.” It was a personal account of extreme prejudice. But it was also about the love, support and compassion not only the local community but the global community offered.

I already published this post with only the following three sentences:

I need to be aware. I need to love. And I love us.

This is because I don’t like writing about negativity. It takes my heart to a low place and there is enough of this. It might not be in our personal lives but we are all-to-aware of the atrocities. I’m new to writing and expressing myself in a public forum and am timid when it comes to sharing. I’m also accepting of this part of myself. When I think about it, like this morning watching the sunrise without my cup of coffee but with my camera, I feel I do need to convey where these thoughts are coming from. Not for my audience (because my readership is under 20, thank you friends for those of you who read!) but for myself. For the present and for the future.

There are loving people. We have the joy of coming across them every single day. And that is what we stay love is about.

do it anyway

Can you really lose your fear? Or do you just acknowledge it, dismiss it and do it anyway? Fear is inherent in all of us. My fear is that of throwing things away. For example, when I’m in the studio carving a piece of pottery it’s almost impossible to put it in the scrap bucket even if I don’t like it. There have been a few times… I was about to say plenty of times but that’s not true. There have been a few times I have chunked a piece because I couldn’t stand it. I need to do that more often. Throwing it away signifies a mistake and that is a difficult place for me. I’m not even sure I can pinpoint or express my exact feelings. Maybe it resides in the recognition? I recently heard an art director from UMAR talk about his sculpture process. For him the art was in the process not the finished piece. If I could allow myself some of this perspective my art could only improve. 

[photograph by Dawn Tagawa. Plumeria blossoms. Feb. 2, 2017. WordSwag App]

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