This is a beautiful, dreamy little scene from Randolph County in the heart of North Carolina. Reflections are always so nice…


“Tag me and I’ll come back!” my son called out about 100 feet down a less traveled path. Ok! But we kept going. And how beautiful. You kind of lose yourself in these places. Lose track of time & responsibility. These are the days you want to last forever. 

lose your mind

Not sure who came up with this quote (I couldn’t find a credit) but I love it.  

photo: dawn tagawa, a walk by the creek March 2017

shine so bright

As the sun sets it transforms the ordinary into extraordinary. 

When I go to yoga I try to absorb the spiritual knowledge while my body benefits from the physical. Today our teacher was talking about each cell in our bodies as facets to reflect the light into the universe. I think that was it. 

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