moon me

Jan. 10th moon, almost full!


I’ve got a background in graphic design so I’m always trying to put type on something. Here’s version 1:

Version2 below with one of my favorite excerpts. Both thanks to the awesome WordSwag app. What would I do with out you? And of course, still having fun with the zoom on my camera. 

cheat day

So I’m cheating, but only half. The moon pic is from last night, Jan4. I kinda love it so I’m using it here. To stay true to one image a day I’m including these guys, the duckers.

They usually forage from the pond however occasionally they’ll come up for a noisy visit. We love these guys! And yes, even though he’s a tad wary the mallard got a nibble too.

I flip ya’

My world was turned upside down today. I love the yoga wall! And since we are approaching a full moon, class discussion revolved around energy. If there’s an undefined “crazy” energy in the air can we release ours to the moon to take it as it wanes? And if there’s a celestial planting schedule where either a bountiful harvest or barren soil will occur maybe that holds true for us in our sense of being? I think it’s time to look up moon mythology and educate myself.

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