This is a beautiful, dreamy little scene from Randolph County in the heart of North Carolina. Reflections are always so nice…

lose your mind

Not sure who came up with this quote (I couldn’t find a credit) but I love it.  

photo: dawn tagawa, a walk by the creek March 2017


For me it was going to yoga this morning. I made myself because I needed it. After yesterday’s pottery carving session it was a way to relieve the tension built up in my shoulders. But it’s more than that. It re-balances this brain of mine. It sparks my much needed creativity. And it helps me connect with my spirituality thanks to our beautiful teacher.

There’s other things that inspire me as well of course. Like spending time with my best friends, going to the beach on a crisp clear winter day, any expanse of water, museums, travel. But what if you can’t physically get there? Maybe take a few minutes of quiet thought and go there in your mind. Allow yourself that simple gift. Different experiences give us a new perspective on life. And if we’re just going down the same path every day a new perspective might be exactly what we need. It’s important to try new things, seek out new experiences and go different places. Slowly but surely I’m taking my own advice. xo -dawn

[photo: dawn tagawa. iPhoneSE. Carolina Beach, NC. Jan. 29, 2017]

find it

Sometimes when I’m working on a mindless project (like refinishing old displays for this weekend) my mind strays to unwanted places. I find myself reliving unnecessary & totally unfun parts of my past. Like ex’s that are X’s for a reason. There’s no need. And after a while I’ll catch myself and realize I’m letting my mind take me down a path I don’t need to go. So, coming-to mentally I looked up & saw the beautiful place I was standing, the water in front of me, the golden leaves. I breathed in the air and Mr. Orange popped up so I could love him. And love him, I do. 

Maybe we go down paths for a reason & can learn. We can also look to beauty around us instead of reliving our past. I believe focused thinking and meditation help. There’s a reason why so many people who inspire me use it as part of their daily practice. It’s time to get back on the bandwagon.

be the energy

This is just after sunrise on High Rock Lake. Edited with the kelvin filter on Instagram and type via WordSwag. The sunrise was downright stunning in it’s original state. I’ve been using some of my photographs in conjunction with these sayings that I truly believe in and am just now starting to comprehend as truths. It’s taken me a long time to get from hearing to listening to believing and applying.

I originally used this as an image for Monday’s yoga line-up at Santosha Yoga. This is a studio I’ve been practicing with for over 7 year. The teacher is amazing & I view her as a personal guru, I’m for-realsies on this. I love listening to her words & felt this since day one. Don’t worry, I’m not falling down the hole of hero worship because I know she has her flaws. But an inspiration to me? A genuine yoga bad-ass? Yes indeed!

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