it’s obvious 

Diversity is key.

This was taken at the NC Zoo in front of the “bug park” beside the kidzone. It’s referring to biological diversity in insects and their habitats but it’s a given we as humans need it as well. Respect. Don’t squish the ladybird beetle. 

On a side note: You can see the pollen sacs full here! Zoo beehive looks like it’s doing well on this January day.

raise your words

Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. -Rumi

I needed this. Some mornings aren’t lemonade & sunshine. Make it, make it, make it rain.

This photo is from a sunset walk over the weekend. The kids played, Lovey ran around like a nut, Tim fished & I watched the colors change over the water. I’m going to try again for one image (of love or beauty) a day. So a quick thanks for taking a few steps down this path with me. I don’t have a clear view yet, but we do try to stay love.

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