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This is just after sunrise on High Rock Lake. Edited with the kelvin filter on Instagram and type via WordSwag. The sunrise was downright stunning in it’s original state. I’ve been using some of my photographs in conjunction with these sayings that I truly believe in and am just now starting to comprehend as truths. It’s taken me a long time to get from hearing to listening to believing and applying.

I originally used this as an image for Monday’s yoga line-up at Santosha Yoga. This is a studio I’ve been practicing with for over 7 year. The teacher is amazing & I view her as a personal guru, I’m for-realsies on this. I love listening to her words & felt this since day one. Don’t worry, I’m not falling down the hole of hero worship because I know she has her flaws. But an inspiration to me? A genuine yoga bad-ass? Yes indeed!

I’m a maker.

I take it for granted that I’m able to create with my hands. Then I’m reminded that it’s a gift and that feels pretty damn good. How can I honor that gift? By staying true to my art? What does that even mean? It’s taken me years to even develop what could possibly be construed as a “style”. So, I guess for me honoring the gift or art is to do what feels right. To see if I can push what I do. To try new ideas, but not so much as to lose sight of my path. And possibly to share what I can while finding teachers who can help me expand and grow in life and in art. We stay love.

(photo S.H.)

the crazy I see in me is the crazy I see in you

namaste… 🙂  This is the yoga studio I get to practice in and I am in love! It’s fall so our teacher is bringing her plants into the warmth of the studio. I’m a morning-yoga kind of person so the sun hits them just right for that golden glow.

The full moon is still approaching. This time we were talking about gathering creativity & beauty. Since I didn’t get a picture while I was upside down on the yoga wall that I talked about last time I took one today.

This is pretty much what it would have looked like minus the props. Friday morning is yin yoga, a practice more for focus and meditation. I think of this class as an internal massage. It stretches out my mind, body and my heart!

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