duck momma

As I sat in the bathroom this morning drinking my ACV, green tea, cayenne water I watched these babies & laughed. They’re so cute! We’ve converted the small bath into temporary water fowl housing. The bigger ducklings keep stepping in the inch deep tray of water I gave them, then running around the bathtub reminiscent of swimming laps. They’re ready! As they grow they’ll transition to the coop Tim made last year. Final destination: the property ponds & beyond.

So duck momma, baby momma, boxer momma, aunty. Whatever title(s) the time of day holds, I’ll take it!

I see posts flying around about all moms really want for Mother’s Day is peace & quiet. Yesterday when I shut the door to shower, in they come asking me how to tie their balloons. I’m trying to explain through the glass door. It made me laugh and it’s moments like these that I love. 


Here’s one of the resident cows. From my understanding she’s been around for quite some time. So when we walked past after our final sled trip they were all staring at me.

Presumably thinking I had sweet feed or sliced apples, which sadly I did not. These are gentle grazing giants.

cheat day

So I’m cheating, but only half. The moon pic is from last night, Jan4. I kinda love it so I’m using it here. To stay true to one image a day I’m including these guys, the duckers.

They usually forage from the pond however occasionally they’ll come up for a noisy visit. We love these guys! And yes, even though he’s a tad wary the mallard got a nibble too.

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