Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. -Rumi

I read a quick Washington Post article on fb this morning. (Sometimes I feel the need to delete that app but for some reason I haven’t yet. Is it FOMO? Maybe, but really, why do I care?!) Back to Rumi and the article. It said that telling people to “find their passion” could be detrimental, they might give up early or blah, blah, blah. But yet I find truth resounding in this article. I’ve been at a stand-still in my pottery career due to the many variables of life. I’ve been meandering. And I suppose that’s what the article was saying, broaden your views to more than a singular “passion”. I need widen the creative road I am on. There are many things that I can cultivate into a thing of beauty or wonder or meaning. And I hold true to my belief that we need more love and beauty all around us.

*Notes: The article did not actually use the words “detrimental” or “blah, blah, blah” for that matter. Photo taken at Hanging Rock State Park. I added the text via WordSwag. xo -d:)

do it anyway

Can you really lose your fear? Or do you just acknowledge it, dismiss it and do it anyway? Fear is inherent in all of us. My fear is that of throwing things away. For example, when I’m in the studio carving a piece of pottery it’s almost impossible to put it in the scrap bucket even if I don’t like it. There have been a few times… I was about to say plenty of times but that’s not true. There have been a few times I have chunked a piece because I couldn’t stand it. I need to do that more often. Throwing it away signifies a mistake and that is a difficult place for me. I’m not even sure I can pinpoint or express my exact feelings. Maybe it resides in the recognition? I recently heard an art director from UMAR talk about his sculpture process. For him the art was in the process not the finished piece. If I could allow myself some of this perspective my art could only improve. 

[photograph by Dawn Tagawa. Plumeria blossoms. Feb. 2, 2017. WordSwag App]

enough to go around

When we look with eyes of scarcity we stop sharing. I’m an artist & potter by trade. In life I’ve traveled through pockets of secrecy and explosive competition which makes for a negative mindset. How can you create long term beauty? We’ve all met an angry artist here or there so I guess it’s in the realm of possibility. But it’s not for me. My wish for all is the ability to see with eyes of abundance. And to be confident there is enough love, beauty & creativity to go around.

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