For me it was going to yoga this morning. I made myself because I needed it. After yesterday’s pottery carving session it was a way to relieve the tension built up in my shoulders. But it’s more than that. It re-balances this brain of mine. It sparks my much needed creativity. And it helps me connect with my spirituality thanks to our beautiful teacher.

There’s other things that inspire me as well of course. Like spending time with my best friends, going to the beach on a crisp clear winter day, any expanse of water, museums, travel. But what if you can’t physically get there? Maybe take a few minutes of quiet thought and go there in your mind. Allow yourself that simple gift. Different experiences give us a new perspective on life. And if we’re just going down the same path every day a new perspective might be exactly what we need. It’s important to try new things, seek out new experiences and go different places. Slowly but surely I’m taking my own advice. xo -dawn

[photo: dawn tagawa. iPhoneSE. Carolina Beach, NC. Jan. 29, 2017]

love for 2017

Without darkness there’s no light. I can feel the love but I can also see the mess. Is it the struggle for good vs. evil? Love wins here. Thank you Dry Dock Hotel.

[photo from Sun. Jan. 29, 2017]

every drop of the ocean

I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I took this picture. Except for maybe Jack Johnson’s song every drop of the ocean. So of course I had to look it up because I’m not good with song lyrics or titles. It’s Monsoon… “All of life is in one drop of the ocean waiting to go home.” Jack Johnson was my favorite for years. His songs were my theme music while I was trying to search out the happy, to events that made my heart smile. And they still make me happy, I love beach music.

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