the crazy I see in me is the crazy I see in you

namaste… 🙂  This is the yoga studio I get to practice in and I am in love! It’s fall so our teacher is bringing her plants into the warmth of the studio. I’m a morning-yoga kind of person so the sun hits them just right for that golden glow.

The full moon is still approaching. This time we were talking about gathering creativity & beauty. Since I didn’t get a picture while I was upside down on the yoga wall that I talked about last time I took one today.

This is pretty much what it would have looked like minus the props. Friday morning is yin yoga, a practice more for focus and meditation. I think of this class as an internal massage. It stretches out my mind, body and my heart!

day 5: already searching?

It would be easy enough to throw up pictures of family and friends but that’s too easy. So I changed locations to find a new environment. Somewhere close and accessible to me, the zoo. Walking along a path I looked up, planted there was this little beauty with the sun shining through the trees. It was beautiful and I love plants. And the excitement from my kiddos just by hearing the words “the zoo”. They get to play and see vampire bats! I look at it as an educational tool and a place for physical activity. They love it and I love it too. 

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