enough to go around

When we look with eyes of scarcity we stop sharing. I’m an artist & potter by trade. In life I’ve traveled through pockets of secrecy and explosive competition which makes for a negative mindset. How can you create long term beauty? We’ve all met an angry artist here or there so I guess it’s in the realm of possibility. But it’s not for me. My wish for all is the ability to see with eyes of abundance. And to be confident there is enough love, beauty & creativity to go around.


On a winter trip to NY several years ago we had to buy rain boots. Opting on shiny rubber ones, I was happy they were inexpensive & served us well. Better than the $200 Columbia’s that rubbed your calves raw in MOMA. We decided to add our own graffiti to these shiners with our clever (to us) slogan NY4LIFE. It was such an insanely fun trip. These memories & friendship would last… for life.

So in that spirit I say, gratitude4life. And at the same time, gratitude for life. You get it.

How can I make gratitude a way of life? I can start by being truly grateful – from my family to this raincoat I’m wearing & being thankful for the downpour. Thoughts can turn into words that can become actions. When I wake, what am I thankful for? When I talk with my child on the way to school, what can we list? Who are we grateful to share our days with? Do we end up repeating ourselves? Often, and that is perfect with me.

There is too much to be ungrateful for. We see it everyday. That’s one reason I want to try to add love. I want honor others with my gratitude. And to look at the world, not with a blind eye, but a loving one.

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