duck momma

As I sat in the bathroom this morning drinking my ACV, green tea, cayenne water I watched these babies & laughed. They’re so cute! We’ve converted the small bath into temporary water fowl housing. The bigger ducklings keep stepping in the inch deep tray of water I gave them, then running around the bathtub reminiscent of swimming laps. They’re ready! As they grow they’ll transition … Continue reading duck momma

spring top ten

I love…  Driving down Highway 64 and spotting a hot air balloon overhead. (Don’t worry, I safely found a parking lot to pull in to take this photo.) Seeing a house decorated in huge hot pink & red hearts. I love it! Hearing kids laughing loudly while running through the trees beside a creek. Birds singing. Sunshine on my face. Super-duper friendly baristas. Motivation to … Continue reading spring top ten