b l o g

Sometimes you have to leave the forest to see the trees. I realized this quite literally attempting to trace fallen poplar blossoms to their origin. It wasn’t until I removed myself a significant distance that I was able to find the flowers swaying in the treetops.

Similar to getting outside your comfort area to help you find the focus of beauty in your life. Not 100% sure my brain will be able to put the connection in words, but I searched for the audiobook “the life changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo and it’s been game on. (I was able to borrow the audiobook from the library via OverDrive, thanks to a good friend for telling about this app!)

I took every piece of clothing I owned out of every drawer, out of every closet. I sorted. I wanted to bury my head in a pile of shirts out of frustration, but by the end of the day it was done.

This sounds a little material minded to me. However at the risk of sounding fru, it was spiritual. I’m realizing it’s an exercise in energy & awareness. Things most certainly contain energy, we learn that in elementary science. We are honing our skills on what we appreciate and giving gratitude on the seemingly mundane items that surround us everyday. So, on to the next category in our home. My goal is to feel more alive in our space. To, in the future, add items with actual meaning & value.

Many times I’ve complained about not having enough storage in our small house. I began to realize our space was plenty big to accommodate our small family. I just don’t have a firm grasp on how utilize it correctly.

By this initial act of piling (it all!), stepping away and re-approaching with the intent of finding joy, of searching for the tulip poplar flowers, you can find what inspires you & weed out what does not. 

duck momma

As I sat in the bathroom this morning drinking my ACV, green tea, cayenne water I watched these babies & laughed. They’re so cute! We’ve converted the small bath into temporary water fowl housing. The bigger ducklings keep stepping in the inch deep tray of water I gave them, then running around the bathtub reminiscent of swimming laps. They’re ready! As they grow they’ll transition to the coop Tim made last year. Final destination: the property ponds & beyond.

So duck momma, baby momma, boxer momma, aunty. Whatever title(s) the time of day holds, I’ll take it!

I see posts flying around about all moms really want for Mother’s Day is peace & quiet. Yesterday when I shut the door to shower, in they come asking me how to tie their balloons. I’m trying to explain through the glass door. It made me laugh and it’s moments like these that I love. 

mellow yellow

The first time I saw these I was told they were chicken poop flowers. They’re in the fields every year after manure is spread. The smell is amazing...  I’m not sure if the flowers correspond with fertilizer or simply the time of year, but I always thought it wasn’t the nicest thing to call these little flowers. Like the lotus, out of mud, muck & in this case maybe poo, beauty will flourish. 


“Tag me and I’ll come back!” my son called out about 100 feet down a less traveled path. Ok! But we kept going. And how beautiful. You kind of lose yourself in these places. Lose track of time & responsibility. These are the days you want to last forever. 

love people 

Sometimes I feel guilty for loving happy quotes. We can’t all act like summer & walk like rain. But I remind myself it’s okay to get excited about positive words, to look for the glimmer of hope.

And I love this quote I read on church signage, “THOSE WHO LOVE PEOPLE LOVE PEOPLE.” It made me happy. It made me smile!

I listened to an engineer speak his truth. He said whatever you want to be in life, work on it and do it a little everyday because we won’t be able to do it forever. He wasn’t talking about becoming wealthy or amassing material goods. He was talking about being happy & being good to others. 

So every day could I practice finding the good?

Love on lovers!

lose your mind

Not sure who came up with this quote (I couldn’t find a credit) but I love it.  

photo: dawn tagawa, a walk by the creek March 2017

spring top ten

I love… 

  1. Driving down Highway 64 and spotting a hot air balloon overhead. (Don’t worry, I safely found a parking lot to pull in to take this photo.)
  2. Seeing a house decorated in huge hot pink & red hearts. I love it!
  3. Hearing kids laughing loudly while running through the trees beside a creek.
  4. Birds singing.
  5. Sunshine on my face.
  6. Super-duper friendly baristas.
  7. Motivation to live better & be better. Whether it comes from friends, books or a PTO challenge.
  8. Our dog playing soccer with us. It was actually more like keep-away!
  9. Watching the trees form buds & blooms.
  10. Spending time with friends who will love you regardless of whatever inane things fly out of your mouth.

Happy Spring!!!

    love is all things

    Last night my 6 year old asked me, “What created the universe?” Before I could answer he said, “I think love created the universe.” I thought wow, what a question on the way home from an energetic Science Night at school. And then again, he asked my opinion. Damn. I couldn’t even answer because my mind was whirling. From common answers, to loving his answer, to science, to hope, to innocence and LOVE. He continued on by giving me examples of love and kindness towards each other and animals.  I’ll take it. Yes, love created the universe. So we must love. And have compassion in our hearts just like these little ones. A child will lead the way.

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