feed your soul

I’ve been trying to figure this out lately. What feeds my soul? Is it my art? Is it giving love & energy to my family? The sun shining on me through the kitchen window? Taking photographs? That makes me happy too, which brought me here. But I have to admit that I really don’t know. 

I keep going back to something I haven’t done in years, my younger days with a snorkel & mask on. Exploring the same small stretch of marsh & shoreline every-single-day. The summers of a white front and very tan back visiting the same seaweed, the same trigger fish, the same rock crabs. Every once and a while an angel fish, seahorse or ancient looking tulip shell would surprise me. Maybe I should have been an ecologist. I loved Oceanography in high school but I was scared I didn’t have the brain for science so I didn’t pursue it. Maybe I just need a quick trip somewhere tropical so I can get that mask back on and get my head in the water. But don’t we all!

It’s worth it, to me, to take a moment and look back on times of childhood joy. In doing so maybe I’ll find what feeds my soul. Take the trip, buy the camera, right? 

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