love aubergine

Grateful for limited effects from Hurricane Matthew, no power allowed us to get out & play, color, scoot and imagine in new ways. From my point of view, with coffee in hand from a French press and copper kettle, life was good. {My thinking also goes to those that didn’t fare as well, but the thoughts have not yet become actions.} In an effort to prepare for an assured power outage I rolled a cooler under the gutter beside this beauty and watched it get pummeled in the rain.

This is our first eggplant of the season and it survived, if not thrived quite nicely through the storm. October for a first fruit? This plant has been through a lot. Its sister was devoured by our duckers, leaving nothing but a frayed green stem. The tomato from our local horticulture agent grew in ways I never could have imagined, robbing sunlight from multiple peppers, petunias and this plant. Shriveling and become more susceptible to bugs I finally thought to move it. If not for Tim’s words of encouragement it would have ended in the debris pile. And if we’re lucky this little eggplant will grow up to a full size purple beauty. Love to the aubergine.


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