keep the surf

I swear we must be on the same wavelength. Yesterday Kelly sent this photo, along with a video of the surf rolling in, for We Stay Love and this morning my yoga teacher’s exact words were “keep the surf going”. She was referring to our breath staying in tune with the action of our physical bodies, how it was more forceful during challenges and a rolling calm during savasana. And I can’t hear the words “ujjayi breath” (ocean breath) without thinking of Bob Marley. (Well I guess it’s actually Ziggy, Beach in Hawaii, but I think of his Dad regardless.) So what do I love about this? The low roar of a cleansing breath. The detox of a yoga class. Learning to say “no” to things we don’t need in our life. Sometimes that’s not easy but it’s a practice we can develop. And while I’m at it, I need to stay open to new ways to get outside of my comfort zone. And I wonder, how do you do it?

…because I want to keep learning!

(photo by kelly kell)

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